The Space Wars Online Casino Game Review

No, sorry to disappoint but this is not Star Wars, although the concept is the same. The game is themed in the outer-world and the aliens. You will get to interact with well-designed space icons as you play space wars either for free or using real money.

The Space Wars Design

The game has a great design. Net Ent got the space thing right. The characters look and feel real as you play. Space Wars is exciting, with five different alien characters having been designed to deliver your winnings to your screen after you get them.

Space Wars Bet Range

You can place bets on Space Wars with as little as £0.40 to as high as £200 for each spin you make. As you can see, the game allows players of all financial capabilities to place their bets on the slot machine and get a chance to win a maximum payout of 400,000 coins. You get to choose the denomination of your coin and also choose the pay lines you would like to bet on. In total, the game has 40 paylines.

Why Play Space Wars

Let us start by listing the cons of the game: it is not available on mobile so you cannot enjoy it on the go, and it does not have a progressive jackpot. The game, however, has many rewards for its players. You know about the 400,000 coins’ maximum payout that you can land, but what you might not be aware of is that Space Wars offers you the chance to create multiple winning combinations as you play the game. The game might lack all the popular bonus features found in other slot games, but it features other creative ways to make money.

There is a wild symbol that is marked by the word Wild, and as you may know, the wild symbol is very useful in getting you closer to your payday. Learn to master this icon, for it is the only one the game will allow you. Space Wars, unlike so many other Netent slots, does not feature any scatter symbols, and neither does the game has any bonus symbols, but this does not mean that it is not worth your while. There are other multiple high payouts features all over this game

Space Wars Symbols

The game has a red alien plant icon that allows you to enjoy a 1000 coin standard game icon after it appears on the screen. The game also has a re-spin feature that takes you a little bit closer to the 400,000 coin payout. You get a bonus whenever you make a winning combination seeing as there is no independent bonus feature to be activated.

The game also has a cloning pod that helps you compete for some winning combinations easily.

Space Wars Game Settings

The Space Wars experience is customizable as per to your personal preferences. This can be said for all Netent games.

Overview of the Game

Space Wars is a game played in all the famous online casinos like 888 Casino and Comeon Casino. With this game, players are in for a real treat. Get to travel outer-space and come back with some money to show for it. The game is exciting, with an interesting storyline.

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