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Gokkasten Jack and the Beanstalk Casino Slot Machine Review

Jack and the Beanstalk is definitely the best developed slot machine of software provider NetEnt. You all remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk right? Jack is just a regular boy who lives on a farm and discover some magic beans. He decided to dig them in to the ground and a big stalk starts to grow, which reach a magical height up in the sky. Jack climbs the stalk and discover the castle of a big giant, including a big amount of gold. The boy steals some golden items and is caught by the big scary giant! This slot machine game embraced this story too, which you can notice when the introduction movie starts to play!

The Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Machine Design

The slot machine design is based on the original story of this well known fairytale. As we can see with a lot of gokkasten of NetEnt, this theme is very fun and exciting. The symbols that have been used are displaying important facts which are a part of the story. The farm, the golden egg, the scary giant and much more recognizable icons are displayed in this game. If you would like to try this game for free or for real money, you can play this game at mrgreen casino with a mrgreen bonus 2020.

The Jack and the Beanstalk Online Casino Game Bet Range

The betting range of this slot machine is variable, whether you are interested in low or high bettings. Lowest bet possible starts from 0,20 cents and the highest bet can go up to 40. If you are looking for an exciting gameplay, we would definitely recommend to play with a high bet range. The payout percentage of Jack and the Beanstalk is 96,3 % and that pretty good for a slot machine. But what can you expect from one of the many good gokkasten of NetEnt?

Why Play the Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Machine

A funny and recognizable storyline, surprisingly nice features and a lot of free spins; what is not to like about Jack and the Beanstalk? The payouts are great and you can also earn a lot of free spins and bonuses. Enough opportunities for a random online casino players and that is exactly why this slot machine has become so popular!

Jack and the Beanstalk Casino Game Symbols
The game symbols that have been used in this slot machine are super funny! You will see Jack, the two headed giant, the chicken and the golden egg and so much more. Have you ever seen a slot machine with so many good symbols in one gameplay?

Overview of the Jack and the Beanstalk Online Casino Game

Jack and the Beanstalk is the best choice when you are looking for an exciting game with a great storyline. People get as excited as an online trader gets when they trade on itrader. If you compare this slot machine with other gokkasten of NetEnt, you will see that NetEnt has really made an effort in this design. The game has great features, extra bonuses and other surprising elements that will excite you from the beginning. There are a lot of online casinos who are offering free spins for Jack and the Beanstalk after registration. Take a look on the internet and you will soon find the best deals for this slot machine.

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Spinata Grande Online Casino Slot Machine Review

Creative name. This game is based on a Mexican theme of celebration and having fun. Maybe this is the game to give you that big break you have been waiting for in life; maybe it is the game that will finally finish paying your student loans, it helps to dream, and with the Spinata Grande slot, these casino slot games, these dreams just might come true. You should have heard about this game in some popular online casinos like Mr Smith Casino and casinoeuro mobile, but if you have never played it before, then you are missing out on a lot. If you play the game at Mr Smith Casino then make sure you use the mr smith casino no deposit bonus Not everything about the slot is Grande; there are a lot of faults- from its offers to its payout rates, but the game has something amazing to offer if you give it a chance. Here is more.

The Spinata Grande Slot Machine Design

This game has the theme of partying as players view colourful confetti, balloons and other decorations rise in the air. You will also get to interact with happy Mexican people driving and walking around the streets in the game. The game has five reels and 40 paylines.

The Spinata Grande Online Casino Game Bet Range

You get to choose your coin value. The available values range from £0.01 to £1.00. The maximum bet you can place per spin is £200. This is more than enough to make the high rollers feel like they are home. If you are a low roller, the slot game is still for you as there are lower amounts of money you can wager. The minimum amount one can bet is £0.20.

Why Play The Spinata Grande Slot Machine

It is true that this game does not have a bonus game or a progressive jackpot feature, and it has small payouts. You should try this game because even while it lacks these things, it makes up for its shortcomings by having the greatest symbols any game could have. These symbols can turn into bigger symbols that occupy areas as big as 3×3.

The bonus symbols also have the ability to turn into a mini slot, giving you the chance to win bigger, and better. The maximum number of coins you can take home is 240,000 coins; not bad for a game with no progressive jackpot.

Spinata Grande Casino Game Symbols

You have your parrot, your bull, dog, and fish. There is also the star symbol that represents the scatter symbol and the skull symbol that represents the wild symbol. The wild symbol will help you win big, watch out for it. There are also free spin symbols, special spin symbols, coin symbols, and bonus symbols to guide you through as you play the game. All of these symbols are important.

Spinata Grande Casino Slot Machine Settings

The game has unique bonus features and unique symbols, but when it comes to playing it, the same Net Ent rules apply. The settings can be customized, you can select the number of pay lines and the coin value, and there is an autoplay feature you can use if you want to spin your reels automatically for a while.

Overview of the Spinata Grande Online Casino Game

Spinata Grande is a meaningful game that gives you riches and happiness all wrapped into one big beautifully designed bundle. Given its uniqueness, it is hard to resist this game once you start playing it. If you want to play the fun Spinata Grande slot machine then we recommend both and the mr smith online casino website.

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Spellcast Casino Game Review

Players never really know what to make of this one – is it some sort spelling competition? Does it have to do with grammar? Is it about casting spells like some wizard? So many options, but just one simple answer. Spellcast, a slot game featured in top notch casinos like Asiancasinocentral and Hello Casino, is all about transforming players into this magical world where they get to whip up special portions and have fun being with magical powers. The aforementioned casinos was just also rewarded as being one of the best new casinos 2020 at the IGB Awards.

Take your chance and see if you can make it in the magical world, but before you do this, however, here is some more information to guide and educate you on what the game is really about.

The Spellcast Casino Slots Design

The design is mystical and very entertaining. The graphics seem to have been taken straight from a witch’s spell book – all this just adds to the thrill of the game. The game also features 3D graphic designs. Spellcast as all the right letter and symbols to create a magical world around you.

The background sounds are enchanting, and this mysterious yet magical theme compliments this without much effort.

Spellcast Casino Slot Machine Bet Range

There are 20 paylines, five reels, and three rows. This game allows you to place maximum bets at a coin value of 40. The coin values range from 0.02 to 0.50. The bet at 40 happens when you choose the maximum coin value, but the maximum bet at the lowest coin value is 1.20. This game, given the values of the six different coin denominations, is suitable for the low and middle roller players.

Why Play The Spellcast Online Casino Game

If not for the magical thrill, then do it for the money. This game offers you a chance to win big with all its symbols and icons. The wild and scatter symbols especially increase your chances of winning, and after you hear the evil sorcerer laugh to celebrate your winnings, you will look back on your decision to play Spellcast and a smile will form on your face.

This game can also be played across multiple devices, including mobile devices.

Spellcast Online Casino Game Symbols

There are magical symbols used all over this game. Spellcast sticks to its theme, and that is why the game is very popular among players. There are also wild symbols, and scatter symbols that serve to increase your chances of winning the payout. The mysterious symbols here include witches, wizards, potions, castles, and wizards’ wands. All these symbols serve to guide you through the game as you strive to make a win out of a magical situation.

You will have offers of free spins to keep the entertaining game going smoothly.

Spellcast Casino Game Settings

The settings are the same old Netent game settings that allow you to fully customize your gaming experience according to how you prefer them.

Overview of the Spellcast Slot Machine Game

Spellcast is not just another magical game; it is different from all the other magical games designed by even Netent itself. This game gives you a chance at a new experience that is different from anything you have ever experienced. Magic can either be good or evil, and this game will prove that to you. It is a favourite among many players who have tried it and loved it.

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Sparks Casino Slots Game Review

This game lies with the very top cream of Net Ent’s works. The theme behind the company’s Starburst is more or less the same as the idea behind Sparks. Netent sure knows its stuff, and the software provider certainly got it right with this one. Sparks takes you to a world of pure energy, pure fun, and pure joy- combine those three things and a little money to take home at the end of the day, and you have the recipe for true happiness right there. All the best online casinos; like Amsterdam Casino and Karamba Casino, feature it in their online slot machine game collection, so why not go ahead and give it a try? Here is more about the slot game Sparks.

The Sparks Casino Slot Design

Designing games like Starburst and Sparks might just be Net Ent’s specialty. The game is colourful and incorporates creative elements into itself. Its simplicity is what gives Sparks the edge it has. The game also has a demo version for skeptical players to try.

Sparks Internet Casino Game Bet Range

There is a maximum payout of 80,000 coins. This payout is not only for the high rollers to take home, even the low and middle rollers are invited to try their luck at grabbing this winning for themselves.

This game has five reels and 20 paylines. The coin value, which you allowed to choose, can range from 0.01 to 2.00; a very good range compared to other games. This provides a lot of room for all kinds of players to take their chances at the slot game. The minimum bet that you can place on the game is £0.20, while the highest bet is £200.

Why Play Sparks

When you play this game, you will notice the lack of a bonus feature, including the lack of a free spins offer, and also the lack of a multiplier feature. It might seem like there is no reason left to play this game, but there is more than one reason to play Sparks. The game might lack some essential things, but is has a unique wild symbol that can multiply your chances of being the winner of the maximum payout of 80,000 coins. With Sparks, you have an actual chance at winning.

With just five reels and 20 paylines, this game is easy to understand. It has a simple design and an equally simple, but highly unique, layout.

Sparks Slots Symbols

The symbols used in Sparks include cards (usually those of high value) and other symbols marked with letter W. The unique thing about Sparks is its cloning wild feature that can replace all other regular symbols around it.

Sparks Casino Game Settings

The Sparks game settings are the same as those of all other Netent settings; customizable settings, an auto play feature, and a general personal feeling to the whole experience.

Overview of the Internet Casino Game

The wild cloning feature is the highlight of this game. It gives you a great chance at making real money for yourself, and all you have to do is have fun. Sparks has an original story, great design, and a popular software providing company to back up its efficiency and performance. As a player, you should try out this game as soon as you can.

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The Space Wars Online Casino Game Review

No, sorry to disappoint but this is not Star Wars, although the concept is the same. The game is themed in the outer-world and the aliens. You will get to interact with well-designed space icons as you play space wars either for free or using real money.

The Space Wars Design

The game has a great design. Net Ent got the space thing right. The characters look and feel real as you play. Space Wars is exciting, with five different alien characters having been designed to deliver your winnings to your screen after you get them.

Space Wars Bet Range

You can place bets on Space Wars with as little as £0.40 to as high as £200 for each spin you make. As you can see, the game allows players of all financial capabilities to place their bets on the slot machine and get a chance to win a maximum payout of 400,000 coins. You get to choose the denomination of your coin and also choose the pay lines you would like to bet on. In total, the game has 40 paylines.

Why Play Space Wars

Let us start by listing the cons of the game: it is not available on mobile so you cannot enjoy it on the go, and it does not have a progressive jackpot. The game, however, has many rewards for its players. You know about the 400,000 coins’ maximum payout that you can land, but what you might not be aware of is that Space Wars offers you the chance to create multiple winning combinations as you play the game. The game might lack all the popular bonus features found in other slot games, but it features other creative ways to make money.

There is a wild symbol that is marked by the word Wild, and as you may know, the wild symbol is very useful in getting you closer to your payday. Learn to master this icon, for it is the only one the game will allow you. Space Wars, unlike so many other Netent slots, does not feature any scatter symbols, and neither does the game has any bonus symbols, but this does not mean that it is not worth your while. There are other multiple high payouts features all over this game

Space Wars Symbols

The game has a red alien plant icon that allows you to enjoy a 1000 coin standard game icon after it appears on the screen. The game also has a re-spin feature that takes you a little bit closer to the 400,000 coin payout. You get a bonus whenever you make a winning combination seeing as there is no independent bonus feature to be activated.

The game also has a cloning pod that helps you compete for some winning combinations easily.

Space Wars Game Settings

The Space Wars experience is customizable as per to your personal preferences. This can be said for all Netent games.

Overview of the Game

Space Wars is a game played in all the famous online casinos like 888 Casino and Comeon Casino. With this game, players are in for a real treat. Get to travel outer-space and come back with some money to show for it. The game is exciting, with an interesting storyline.

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